I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support, you supply fantastic candidates who are a credit to the work you do upfront selecting the right staff for us here. We would of liked to employ more of them direct but unfortunately we do not have the work to support adding more members to the team. We will certainly keep in touch as we would like to use Allstaff again in the future to manage the peaks in our production.

Colin Jeremy

Thank you for organising Luke for our event last night. I heard glowing reports from our staff and members from previous functions.  Luke was fantastic – incredibly professional, friendly and helpful throughout the night. We certainly would love to see Luke here at AIM SA again for future events.

Kelly Graham-Sutton
Membership & Events Supervisor

Allstaff Resources has been an integral part of our operation and without your company’s support we would not achieve our aim of providing a free reading pack to every family with a new born baby across the state.  We look forward to doing business again in 2014, when we will be celebrating our 10th anniversary.

The Little Big Book Club Team

Christy is great, rolling with the punches beautifully, and learning very quickly.  Thanks for finding someone so awesome!

Karen Harrison
Engineering Services Manager