Tips and Hints

Cover Letters

  • Cover letters should be short and sharp! Save your work experience and references for the resume. Focus on telling the employer who you are and why you’re suitable for the role.
  • Make sure you write a new cover letter with each application. Each role will be slightly different and your cover letter should reflect that.
  • Ensure you’ve done your research! Employers love seeing you’ve made the effort to understand their business.
  • Address the letter to the correct person with the correct spelling; and while you’re at it, check out the other words too.


Here are six simple tips to keep in mind when creating your resume:

  1. Be concise. Ensure you’re only sharing what’s important. (HINT: your positions should be listed in chronological order; with your most recent placed first).
  2. Use clear and professional language; you want to impress your potential new employer.
  3. Focus on the formatting; its important your resume is easy to follow. (HINT: bold the information you wish to emphasize).
  4. Always place your contact information at the beginning of your resume (Name, address, contact number and email).
  5. When listing your skills, always place the ones most relevant to the position you’re applying for at the top.
  6. Always, Always, Always, proof-read before sending through your final copy.

The Interview:

We all know that interviews can be a little bit daunting so it’s important to be extra prepared!
But don’t worry, if you follow these few small steps, you’ll be sure to impress…

  • Arrive early; this will show the employer that you’re punctual and excited. It will also give you some time to collect your thoughts and calm the nerves.
  • Before attending the interview try to think of common questions you might be asked and practice your reply. Some common questions are:
    • Why are you interested in this role? What makes you a good fit?
    • Why are you leaving your previous position?
    • What would you describe as your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?
  • Always dress to impress; showcasing professionalism is very important
  • Remain calm and confident. Know that the recruiter understands interviews can be daunting and that you can take a deep breathe a moment before answering a question.
  • Be respectful and manners; especially when saying goodbye, you want to leave a lasting impression.