Benefits of using AllStaff Resources

  • We are a niche supplier – We believe in forming effective, long-lasting partnerships, and as such will not over-saturate a market in any one given area.  This means we can ensure first choice/preferred candidate status for YOUR needs.
  • We are driven by service levels, not revenue – As a privately owned company, we don’t report to shareholders, so are not driven by profit.  We believe that effective and efficient service levels are the priority for every client, therefore, we measure our recruiters on service levels and client satisfaction.  If we are getting that right, we will ensure long and productive relationships with our clients.  We have definitive measures in place to keep turnover to a minimum.
  • We reduce risk exposure for our clients – Our stringent recruitment and pre-placement processes have proven to increase employee engagement and to assist in the reduction of LTI’s. This is backed up by our engagement of Workplace Medical Consultants (Adelaide Metropolitan Areas), an independent paramedic service which is available on-site in the event of an incident involving our personnel, free of charge.
  • On call personnel placements within the hour – When there is a need to call our out of hours number, you will speak directly with a member of the management team, (NOT a call centre).  This means someone who understands your business will personally access our database immediately, ensuring that your requirement is dealt with in the most timely and efficient manner possible.
  • We can induct for you – As business partners, we can manage the induction of our personnel, either on or off site.  This means that induction/training time is kept to a minimum, and that team members are more productive in a shorter time frame.  Pre-induction also ensures that we always have additional people on your dedicated pool list, just in case.
  • Quality people – Allstaff has a well-documented and adopted approach to its recruitment process. Our recruiters follow the process diligently and we pride ourselves on not taking short cuts. We believe strongly in the principle that we would prefer not to fill a position than to fill it with the wrong person. In addition, all our recruiters must adhere to our “Quality Preservation Areas” prior to submitting a candidate to our customer. This ensures that we don’t miss crucial areas that may affect the efficacy of the candidates.